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Travel tales July 31, 2009

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We have just returned from a 6 week trip to the US. How different it is travelling with children. I wanted to satisfy my adult self by going to art galleries and museums, browsing in groovy little shops and sitting in cafes morning, noon and night. But no, my mother self knew that to keep a happy balance in the family, we had to spend lots of time in playgrounds and by water. Venturing out on big missions every day just led to exhausted, overwhelmed, ratty children. And a grumpy frustrated mother. So we found some kind of compromise and I appreciated just being somewhere different, meeting other mums with different accents and stories to tell, and taking little tastes of the more capital C Culture when I could get it.

The public libraries we visited were wonderful. Carlsbad (near San Diego) had a classy modern library with a coffee cart out the front (very important), a welcoming open design, interesting art displays and a great kids’ area. I very much appreciated the library in Boston. On rainy days our local branch in the North End was a great option for the kids, with toys and puzzles as well as books. To my delight I was able to get a “courtesy card” which allowed me an hour a day internet access. It is the only library I’ve seen with a water feature and fresco in the middle of it. Charming.

Now we’re home and as the jet lag recedes, the pressing issue of study emerges. ETL501 looks practical and relevant, and indeed very important for me, with my reluctance to move into the Web 2.0 world. I’ll be glad to find out how do-able websites and wikis are, because I’m sure they are. I am actually very competent on the computer, when I am forced to learn. I discovered that when I had to publish a poetry journal in a previous job. I didn’t do a fancy job with the desktop publishing, but it was fine. And this blog lark has been a breeze (though I’d like more time to actually write stuff!)

Say hello to my positive attitude!