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Is it already May 14th? May 14, 2009

Filed under: ISPs,Ramblings,Reading for pleasure — penszen @ 10:43 am

How can so much time have passed since my last blog entry?? Lucky I have some other TL student bloggers out there to inspire me (see my blogroll). I was commenting away till I realised I should be putting some of those ideas on my own blog.

So what have I been up to? Aside from nursing sick children and taking little trips to the countryside, I have knocked over the critical analysis of three information search processes. I know I’ll fall down on the wide reading bit, but I certainly have opinions so there’s no problem with the ‘critical’ bit. I hope. We’ll see. Moving right along. I have a sense of impending freedom and I’m trying not to rush through the work, just to be finished. But ooh, that freedom…

The other thing I have achieved is actually finishing a fiction book, my first in literally months. “The Time Traveler’s Wife” by Audrey Niffenegger (Vintage, 2005) is a great read, so cleverly crafted and skillfully written. I imagine Niffenegger had huge sheets of paper with timelines all around her workspace. I’d love to read about the process of writing that very temporally complex book. (If that’s the right use of that word.) Plus, can I add that saying Niffenegger’s name is a pleasure in itself.

Yes yes I should be writing something about the course, but I just feel a bit rebellious this morning. So I’m off to play lexulous online. Ha.


3 Responses to “Is it already May 14th?”

  1. Fiona Says:

    Hey Penny, mind if I put a link to this post on my blog? I’m trying to start up a list of book reviews for both adults and children, and I’d like to add your comments on The Time Traveller’s Wife.

  2. Fiona Says:

    Sorry, Penny – I have already done it! Let me know if you want me to take it off.

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