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A Luddite no more April 26, 2009

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Well I’ve had a bit of a hiatus on the blog. After working like a demon on the scholarly paper, where for the first time in my life I was over the word limit (very exciting for the girl whose teachers always said, “Good ideas, but write more!!” Let’s hope the ideas are still good…), I had the feeling that I deserved a holiday. Unfortunately with the second assignment around the corner, there’s no such joy, but I did take one full day off and pootled through the week without much focus.

Then I got serious about catching up on readings that I should have done before, and ouch, there was so much good stuff there I could have used in my paper! But then again, I would have just had more to cull. Never mind.

So, a few words about the readings. First of all, the windows to the 21st century that were Warlick (2007) and Lorenzo (2007). These two readings were an eye-opener for me, a slow technology uptake person. Wow. Here’s what Warlick says:

“Being able to write a coherent paragraph is not longer enough to be a communicator. Students must learn to also communicate with images, with sound, with video. Students must learn to express their ideas compellingly” (p. 21).

That is very challenging for me, who is a lover of words and who wants words to be enough. But I do appreciate the “expanded notion” (p. 21) of literacy. I hope once I am back at work, out of the comfort of my bookish home, I will embrace with open arms all versions of communication. And I admit, I’m playing up my luddite status a bit. I do use a mobile phone, for talking and texting, and I love my digital camera, and Facebook (especially when I’m trying to do an assignment). Oh, and there’s my blog, of course. Maybe I’m on my way after all.

David Warlick has a great website as an offshoot of his Landmark Project, offering teaching tools and links as well as commentary on the changing nature of the education environment.


One Response to “A Luddite no more”

  1. riddleywalker Says:

    “That is very challenging for me, who is a lover of words and who wants words to be enough. But I do appreciate the “expanded notion” (p. 21) of literacy.”

    Literacy for me has always been inclusive: words (Oh yes!) but static images and film and installations and a range of disparate texts including Internet too – I have publicly admitted to loving Wikipedia despite or because of its complete unreliability.

    I haven’t read Warlick yet but look forward to it – Nonetheless, I do believe that writing a coherent paragraph might be important still: in words truth is elusive but its discovery is invited . . . I’m not quite sure whether that applies to other newer (more convenient?) media.


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