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Evaluate, don’t regurgitate March 13, 2009

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I’m starting to think about the role of the TL as I see it. My head is a bit full of other people’s ideas, and extracting my own ideas has always been a challenge for me. I agree with Henri (2005) that perhaps some TLs themselves may lack the very information literacy they are meant to teach. I recognise that I have to work hard to critically evaluate information.

As a shy third sibling I tended to sit back and observe life rather than participate and it took effort as an adult to engage more actively with the world. Right through my schooling and first university degree I was a very passive learner. I did what was necessary and didn’t question much.

It is both an asset and a curse to see every side of an argument. My life’s wallpaper is in shades of grey, very rarely black or white. Being highly empathetic is something I like about myself but it does mean I’m sometimes unsure what I personally think about an issue. I tend to reflect instead of project.

This course is a good challenge for me. I am required to evaluate, not just regurgitate. So here goes.

At this stage, I believe the three key roles of the TL are:

1) to be a role model for information literacy and lifelong learning.

2) to work collaboratively with the principal and teachers to develop effective teaching and learning strategies.

3) to manage and share information from all available sources.

Justifications to come later.


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