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But is it crap? March 8, 2009

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Has it only been two weeks? The residential school at the State Library feels like months ago. It was fantastic to lay eyes on Lyn and Roy, to have faces and personalities to put to the names on the website. Even better to find they were warm, encouraging and approachable. It was also extremely reassuring to meet the other students who, like me, were struggling with feelings of both excitement and terror.

We were given an overview of some of the key themes of ETL401 and pointed in the direction of various professional bodies and websites. Perhaps too many? It seemed that there were so many places to go, things to read, concepts to consider, that there would never be time for any of them. It was a little overwhelming.

It had already begun to dawn on me that I was what they call ‘old school’. I thought that libraries were all about books. Ha. After watching the mind-blowing video Information R/evolution I had feelings akin to panic as I realised I was entering a domain I knew almost nothing about. I did manage to think, however, during the onslaught, that there might be a whole lotta information out there now, and it’s all available on the web, but isn’t the vast majority of it crap? Sure, it might have been a defensive thought, but it was still legitimate. It’s great that people have a place to get their ideas out and share with the world every thought and detail of their lives, but when we’re searching for useful information, it means there’s a lot to wade through. That aside, I do recognise that I need to accept the truth – the information world is changing and I need to get a handle on how to locate and use the information available on the web, as well as how to interact with it. This blog is a start, and of course I have been on myspace and facebook for a while. You go girl! Next stop, twitter!


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